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Menu of Services

Hair Cut

Mens Cut

Women Cut

Bang Trim

Neck Trim

Designer Cut

Razor Cut (Hair Weave)


Shampoo & Style

Shampoo & Roller Set

Shampoo and Wrap

Sister Set

Twist Set

Straw Set

Spiral Set

K-58 Coil

French Roll

Combo Up Do's



Moisturizing Treatment

Reconstruct(Deep B)

Dry Itch Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment(Psoriasis)

Deep Conditioner(DP7)

Deep Conditioner(MMC)

Deep Conditioner(Aqua Gel)

Deep Conditioner(After Calcium)

Deep Conditioner(Fixitive)

Protein Treatment

Silk Karitin 17 Treatment

Corrective Treatments

Full Re-Alignment

Partial Re-Alignment

DBB Treatment

Don't Be Bald Trt-Series 6

Hair Color


Color Retouch

Corrective Color

Bleach (does not include toner)

Beach Retouch

Natural Hair Styles


Comb Twist

Flat Comb Twist

Two Strand Twist (no ext)

Two Strand Twist Set

Two Strand Twist Roller Set

K-58 Coil (natural hair)

Straw Set (natural hair)

Hair Extensions

Weave-Bond Trak.

Weave-Bond Full Head

Weave-Bond Half Head

Quick Weave Full Head

Quick Weave Half Head

Quick Weave w/ponytail

Weave-Sewn Full Head

Weave-Micro Links

Weave-Net Hair Weave (full)

Fusion (Hot) Removal

Fusion (Cold) Removal


Hair Replacement

(*Installation of The Unit Is Extra)

LT Custom Wig (Bond)

LT Customer Wig (Sewn)

LT Custom Top Integration (small)

LT Custom Top Integration(medium)

LT Custom Top Integration (large)

*Natural Skin Part (2X3) Time

*Intergraion Curly (A-World) Time

*Mono Integration (N-Concept)Time

*Lace Front Integration (N-Concept) Time

*1/4" Integration (N-Concept) Time

*1/2" Integration (N-Concept) Time


Corn Rows

Micro Braids 

Tree Braids

Goddess Braids

Flat Twist

Braid Removal per hr

Braid Re-Fresh per hr

Dread Locks

Traditional Locks

Traditional Locks Maintance

Latch Lock

Latch Lock (Maintance)

Sister Locks

Sister Locks (Tightening)

Lock Extensions

Pricing Policy:

Please call me at 972-660-1920 for pricing.

Contact Us


3902 Linden Dr. 

Arlington, TX 76017


(972) 660-1920

Opening Hours

Monday - Sat 

 5AM - 8PM

By Appointment Only

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